mind the mother

Supporting Mothers

At the end of the day, you are the one that is growing a baby, giving birth and healing from birth. With the Maternal Sessions during your pregnancy they provide an opportunity for you to focus on what the future looks like for you, working on any fears or anxieties you might experience. And as mother; from Mind the Mother we offer support on areas like: birth debrief, birth trauma support, depression, anxiety, strong feelings of overwhelm, new identity, bonding, and more.

Hypnobirthing teaches you to learn to trust your body, and how the power of your mind can help you to give birth.

You can book your free insight session, where you can find out more about how we can support you.


For some women, motherhood is an intuitive role where they are fulfilled; others they don’t experience it that way. What they have in common, is that both at some point would most likely struggle.

couple holding ecography journey to parenthood

"She helped me to get through the process of getting my confidence back, finding the way to see life in a positive way."


Core elements

Individual Confidence

Understanding the importance of individual needs and developing confidence to thrive in parenthood.

Couple Consolidation

The unity of the couple, as a strong front to battle any challenges of parenthood.

Family Focus

Focus on the bond, respect, and love to grow together. Understanding the dynamics and what growth means for each of you.

Empowering Parents

When in doubt or in fear, it is hard to give your best. Learn how you could become more confident and feel empowered in your journey through parenthood. Whether it is your first or second or third, it is never too late to feel confident and work on overcoming challenges.

Mind the Mother provides a safe space for parents and expectant parents to look after their minds and nurturing them. Working on becoming confident parents and releasing any fear of parenthood. 

Client Love

Laura put me at ease and I felt like an open book, it wasn’t what I imagined hypnotherapy to be at all! After a few sessions and some in between session recordings Laura provided me with (tailored to my needs), the anxiety I wanted to deal with appeared to slowly ease off as I subconsciously started to change my own approach. I can’t exactly describe when it happened, it just started to happen to the point where I got back to my usual self; it was very much apparent it was part of what Laura worked with me on.


It was amazing the experience of doing hypnotherapy with Laura. I managed to low loads of tensions, and helped me to solve some issues I have been carrying for some time now. Since the very first moment she heard and understood my problem, it was incredible the peace and harmony that she transmitted. I will continue working with her for my self development.  


There was a moment in my life where I felt I was failing in the most valuable areas of my life, my wellbeing, my business and most importantly as a mother. Working with Laura, I gained my confidence back, I feel more in harmony with myself and with my loved ones. The shift in mindset gave me clarity how to manage my life without feeling stressed or overwhelmed.I felt safe and understood during our sessions. Thank you Laura!