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There was a moment in my life where I felt I was failing in the most valuable areas of my life, my wellbeing, my business and most importantly as a mother. Working with Laura, I gained my confidence back, I feel more in harmony with myself and with my loved ones. The shift in mindset gave me clarity how to manage my life without feeling stressed or overwhelmed.I felt safe and understood during our sessions. Thank you Laura!

Jurgita, mother of 2


Therapy & Coaching

Mind the Mother is a safe space for parents and expectant parents to look after their minds and nurturing them. Working with Laura, founder of Mind the Mother online or in Purley, Croydon, for face-to-face sessions.

Laura Abba

Discover Your Joy

Mind the Mother is working on bringing you the latest workshops, programmes, and courses to help you and inspire you to be the very best version of yourself. You can also view our signature programme “Journey to Parenthood”.

Laura Abba

Hypnobirthing Courses 

The Hypnobirthing Course will teach you how to have a positive childbirth experience. Not saying that it is guaranteed to be pain-free, but you will learn tools and techniques that are designed to help you have a more confident and comfortable childbirth.

Group Hypnobirthing Courses are face-to-face, and can be ideal to make friends for life!

Next Purley, Croydon course starts on June 9th

Next East London course starts on June 18th

** Ideal for mothers with estimated due dates in August, September & October **

Individual Hypnobirthing courses are ideal for women that need a tailored course. Whether it is due to extreme anxiety, past negative experience, or specific focus you want to have, the individual hypnobirthing course will be planned taking your needs into account.

At The Core of Mind the Mother You will Find

Set of feet and hands for group hypnobirthing

In-Person Group Hypnobirthing Course

10hs of learning and self discovery to break some of the most installed ideas about childbirth by society; to allow you to have the empowered and confident birth you deserve. Can’t guarantee pain free birth, but you could get as close to it as you can. 

The course is delivered in 4 sessions. You will be provided with material, MP3 audios, and a set of tools to help you get the childbirth you want.

description of hypnobirthing

Hypnobirthing Online Course

Hypnobirthing is a set of techniques that you will learn, to achieve a positive childbirth. Some of the benefits can include, being able to stay calm and feel in control, being less likely to need or want medical intervention, pain reduction and labour time reduced.

It is divided in 4 parts of 2h 30m. You will be provided with material, personalised audios, and guided through practices leading your childbirth.

Maternal Coaching

1:1 Support Through Your Matrescence

We sometimes need someone to guide us through a challenging period. For some mums is the recorvery after giving birth that has played an unexpected mental load (or disorder). For other mums is about finding themselves in this new phase of life. Defining their purpose, identity or even support when needed to make some difficult decision. Your sessions are strictly confidential and in hands of an expect that will be able to support you through your journey.


Find Your Group Session

The workshops are designed to cover one specific topic in a short period of time. You will leave a workshop with actions to move you forward.

Soon you will find courses available on-demand. These courses are for you to do at your own pace, to come back to learnings and all will come exclusive guided meditations. 

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FREE Guide: Mindful Tools for Any New Mum

The guide includes: 

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