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I’m Laura


Mind the Mother has been created by Laura, a mother of 2 children, living in South London. In essence, it is a Maternal Mental Health service, that has started after seeing how mothers at some point during motherhood, or even from pregnancy, they feel lost and have serious struggles.

Importantly, she has experienced it at first hand, what strong feelings of being overwhelmed can do personally and to a family when caring for 2 young kids.

Without a doubt, Motherhood is a game-changer, reconciling a new identity can be challenging. And because we live in a society where we work in a reactive way, having the opportunity to be proactive is a benefit for the long term.

Laura is a Cognitive Hypnotherapist & Mindset Coach working in London, Surrey & Online. She is offering her expertise in the maternal mental health field, focusing on empowering women to have a positive pregnancy and motherhood experience.

IVF Journey Support

Hypnotherapy can double the chances of a successful IVF/ET, it can go along with you through your journey. For a more relaxed, treatment, you could opt to be supported from IVF to childbirth. Working with your unconscious mind to work on achieving what you are looking for.

Pregnancy Support

By looking after mothers’ minds from the pregnancy, it means they will then have more tools to prevent or manage more proactively, feelings of overwhelmed, stress, anxiety, negative emotions, as a few examples.

Most women will come to Mind the Mother to work on positive childbirth through hypnobirthing, maybe because they are scared of giving birth or even suffering from tokophobia. However, the support that can be provided for pregnant women goes beyond birth. Consider the preparation to one of the major shifts in your identity you will ever experience in your life. And so, being ready for it, from a mental perspective, it is essential for a positive postpartum and beginning of motherhood.

Clearly, the preparation for birth starts as soon as the woman or couple decides they want to embark into working towards a better emotional and mental preparation for what it means becoming a parent. The essence of the act of giving birth is also looked after with the hypnobirthing programmes. Postnatal check after your baby is born are complimentary of your hypnobirthing course and is your chance to go through your birth together. The postnatal check is an emotional tool to re-visit a unique time in your life.

Couple’s Support

At Mind the Mother we encourage couples to work together through their journey to parenthood. We want you to work together to understand your individual beliefs and needs, as a foundation of the family you are creating together. Your family is your World, you can work towards making it the most positive one for you all. From Pregnancy to Parenthood, you can make the most of it by working together and supporting each other. The Couple’s support creates an intimate space, for which we only work on an individual couple’s basis.

Postnatal Check & Support

From the moment your little baby arrives home with you, you know your life will not be the same. You could have the most wonderful postnatal period or one with some challenges. Know that you can access the tools for any new mum (free), workshops that can support you through your matrescence, or you can find a 1:1 support perfect to walk with you through whatever you are experiencing, professional and caring support on a 1:1 basis with Coaching & Hypnotherapy.

Laura Abba

Laura Abbatangelo

DipCHyp, NLPP, HPD, NCH (Reg)

Cognitive Hypnotherapist & Mindset Coach

areas of Expertise & Support

Birth Trauma




Childbirth / Hypnobirthing

Depression / PND

Baby loss


Gut Ill Health

Obsessive-Compulsive Behaviour (OCD)

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