The aim is for you to give birth in a confident way, making it as positive by trusting yourself and your body. You and your partner will learn ways to work together, to support you.

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Working Together

Mind the Mother prides on tailored courses to address individual needs. Whilst the base will be the same in all of the courses, with the purpose of achieving a positive childbirth -which means that when looking back that the birth you remember it in a positive and powerful way- each couple will be given a course that suits their individual needs. 

Time to digest. You will have the time YOU need in between sessions to practice all the new learnings. This is a massive benefit because in between sessions is when you get to come up with any questions that can be addressed during the following session.

During your course, you can also benefit from almost immidiate response to any last-minute questions or doubts regarding techniques.

Some of the techniques shown on the course, might not be available through other companies but could be found with other Confident Childbirth providers

Why is Mind the Mother Different?

Unlike other programmes, at Mind the Mother despite having a strong structure for our courses, we are flexible on the needs of the couples. In some courses, the group might want to focus more on releasing the fear of childbirth, for example, and we are flexible enough to be able to let this happened. The flexibility is given by being also fully trained in hypnotherapy, meaning that the deep understanding of how the mind works, makes the hypnobirthing course as flexible as you need.

Hypnobirthing is about giving birth your way, as possible. It is important to highlight that you will get from the course as much as your input. Between sessions you will have time to practise and come back with questions, it is your opportunity to take the most advantage of the course as you can.

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“Childbirth can be made absolutely painless; not only that, it can easily be made pleasurable, ecstatic, under hypnosis”


Tell me more about Hypnobirthing Online Course

The Hypnobirthing online course gives you the tools to have the birth you want. Making it as positive as possible; as well as empowering you to have a better understanding of your body. I know that most of the interest comes from pain reduction, and whilst it can be possible; this is experienced differently for each of us. By understanding how your body is working, the purpose of pain, and learning how to relax and keep calm during birth. Working together, with my knowledge and tools you will be closer to get the birth you want.

Hypnobirthing by a Hypnotherapist

If you want to fully work on your mind, to work towards making it free for childbirth a hypnotherapist would be able to use whatever technique could best be suited for you, because we are all unique in the way we experience the Wolrd. You can find out more in here.

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Did you know…

The earlier you begin to practising hypnobirthing, the more connected to your body your mind could be to help you achieve the birth you want.

Some of the benefits include a decrease in the stress levels, studies show that women that practised hypnobirthing are less likely to need interventions. 

You could reduce the pain experienced during labour.

It can empower you to reduce the fear of childbirth.

Bonding with your partner, as it is more effective when done with your birthing partner, for support and understanding of the expectant mother needs.


All Courses include:

  • A good understanding of the body-mind connection and how it affects what you feel (fear and pain)
  • Practical techniques to get you confidently to the birth.
  • How Hypnosis works in any type of birth
  • Material to take away with your sessions
  • Hypnotic MP3s recordings
  • Set of affirmations

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Set of feet and hands for group hypnobirthing

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