Individual Hypnobirthing

Goodness of Hypnobirthing

Individual Hypnobirthing are ideal for parents to be that want a full focus on them, with the possibility of tailoring the classes to what you need more, and help to make your pregnancy as enjoyable and calm as possible. The benefits of Hypnobirthing are not limited to: improve your sleep, reduce stress levels, give you confidence to be ready for the birth of your baby, connect you better with your body, empower as well the birthing partner to work together and it can also reduce the pain sensation during labour and more. As you see, there are no negatives, because you would have completed the course taking at least one of the benefits mentioned above. 

During your course, I will be available for any last minute questions or doubts or just the need to double check. 

Individual Sessions

The setting for your individual hypnobirthing course, will usually run in the evenings, from 19.30, for 2hs 30min each of the 4 weeks of the course. However, there is flexibility on the timing and dates to work together. 

When to take the course

The earlier you do this course, the more time you will have to practice all the learning and will give you more time to get ready for the birth of your baby. Having said that, it is a good idea to start the hypnobirthing course anytime between week 20 and 33 of your pregnancy

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