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Mums Circle

What are the Mums’ Circles?

Becoming a mother is one of the biggest changes you will go through in your adult life. You undergo physical, psychological, and emotional changes. 

It affects people in different ways, to the extent that becoming a mother is not just defined by the moment your baby is born, but an ongoing change that can last several years.

The mums’ circles are a friendly space where we will discuss issues related to the wonders of matrescence (becoming a mother). Each meeting will have a suggested topic that will have as an objective to:

  1.   inform and aid discussions about topics such as loneliness, hormones, changes after childbirth, etc.
  1.   Safe space for discussion, sharing experiences and support each other in a confident and without prejudice environment 
  1. Aid to build relationships of support
  1. Create a relaxing atmosphere

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Is Mums' Circle only for new mums?

No, the group is for mothers that consider that are going through the matrescence (the process of becoming a mother). Usually, you experience it for several years, in different stages. 

Is the group for mothers experiencing PND or anxiety?

No, this group is a safe space for mothers to connect through experiences with other mothers. However, some experiences shared might be related to depression or anxiety.

What happens in the group?

Each meeting will have a topic ready to discuss, facilitated by Laura. However, it will depend on what the group needs to discuss. You will have time to chat with other mothers and get to know each other.

What sort of topics will the meetings have?

As mentioned before, this is flexible to the needs of the group. But some of the suggested topics could be: loneliness, changes in the relationships with partners, self-care, sleep, change in career aspirations, among other topics.

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