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Whether you have just found out that you are pregnant or you have you been a mother for some time now; Mind the Mother will be able to support you in your journey.

All of our pregnancy offerings are keeping expectant mothers in mind to ease the transition into motherhood. Feel better equipped for childbirth and motherhood by the hand of Mind the Mother.

We heard what you need, and because of this, most of our postnatal support is provided on 1:1 basis. Sign up to our newsletter to find out new workshops or courses. 


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Upcoming Workshops & Events

Thu 10th December 2020 @ 10:00

2 hours packed of content, the opportunity to practice, in a group with other mums that might also be scared of the imminent childbirth & handouts for you to keep.

Do you feel scared when you think about giving birth? You are not alone! It is hard for our mind to process something that we haven’t done before or something that in the past didn’t have a positive experience. During this workshop, we will be addressing the main concerns that may cause anxiety.

You can expect…

∴ Understanding why the mind reacts the way it does and how to change it.

∴ The weight of your new title as “mother”

∴ Childbirth positive mindset (addressing fears)

∴ Relaxation techniques

∴ Time for Q&A and info to take away

Price: £18*

* Early bird tickets £9 before 29.11.2020

FREE Guide: Mindful Tools for Any New Mum

The guide includes: 

* Postpartum Checklist

* Understanding your preferences (know yourself better)

* Tools for life (mindful nuggets for you to have an amazing day)

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